Vinyasa Yoga

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa is a sanskrit term meaning “arrange something in a certain way.” Add this word to yoga and the meaning is a set of poses in arranged in a sequence to open, strengthen, stretch, and move your body in a beneficial way.

Vinyasa Flow

A Vinyasa Flow then means that the class will consists of a series of poses that flow / transition from one to the next.

In life we do not typically do one thing. We bend, step, lift, twist, and other moving activities to accomplish our daily activities. Just getting into our car, carrying groceries into the house, making the bed, mowing the yard and gardening, golf, tennis, running, cross fit, water and snow skiing, or just playing with the kids has many actions; all of these require flexibility, balance, strength as well as mental clarity.

A “Vinyasa Flow” transitions the body through various basic movements. It enable the body to regain balance, strength, flexibility plus the benefit of developing mental clarity. The results enables us to enjoy and participate in our daily activities with more grace, ease, and confidence,

Vinyasa Hot Flow

A Vinyasa Hot Flow is a class is sequence of poses with the addition on heat added to the room. This type of class can be very challenging.

At Gotta Yoga Studios, we use Infrared Heat. This type of heat provides heats the body not the room and has many beneficial properties. The room temperature will be around 90 degrees. This is a measurement of the air in the room. Since “Infrared Heat” heats your body not the air, depending where you are in the room you may feel much warmer. See our FAQ about our Infrared Heat and our Infrared Saunas benefits.

If you are up for a deep sweet with health benefits, this class may be for you.

Prenatal Yoga

Is participating in Prenatal Yoga ok if I have never practiced Yoga before?

Yes. You will find that yoga benefits the mind and body at any point in life. Class is designed to honor the needs and limitations of pregnancy. All the postures can be modified to the level of the student.

Is it ok to start Prenatal Yoga in the middle of the pregnancy?

Yes. Whether you take yoga through all nine months of your pregnancy or just the third trimester you will notice the benefits before, during and after birth.

How long can I practice Prenatal Yoga?

You can continue your yoga practice right up to birth.

How will Prenatal Yoga help my pregnancy?

By strengthening the essential muscles needed for birth, reconnecting with your breath and focusing your mind, the practice of yoga can prepare you for the challenges your labor and birth may bring and open you up to your natural ability to give birth.

Aerial Yoga

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga utilizes silks suspended securely from the ceiling. The silks provide new way of doing the yoga poses. The support of the silks enable people to discover new ways to stretch, strengthen, and improve flexibility and balance.

Will the Silk be strong enough to hold me?

Silk is one of the strongest know materials. The silks can support weight greater then 275 lbs in a flow class. In a restorative class, the silks can support much more.

Aerial Yoga Waiver - whats it for?

Aerial yoga has many benefits but we need to make all aware that are some potential issues.

With the ability to be upside down, blood pressure can be effected. If you have blood pressure or health issues that are impacted with changes is blood pressure, we do not recommend this class.

There are other potential health concerns and risks raised with our Aerial waiver to insure you are aware and can enjoy this class safely.

Aerial Parties - Birthday or groups are welcome!!!

An Aerial Party can be a fun activity for a birthday party, wedding activity, office team building, or a group of friends looking for an fun time.