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Yoga and Sound Healing at Mooresville

02/16/2019 @ 07:30 pm - 02/16/2019 @ 09:00 pm

16 Feb 07:30 pm - 09:00 pm


Join Gracie for a meditative flow blended with the soothing, unique sounds of the handpan, crystal bowls, Native American Flute and drumming performed by Grant.

More about Sound Healing:

Sound is a technology that grabs hold of the brain – much like a magnet, the brain connects to the soundwaves which drop it into a state of deep meditation.

It is determinant on no degree of skill – it just happens! Even if you are terrible at meditating or feel like you can’t turn off the chatter, sound does its thing, regardless of your experience or inner ecology.

That’s what makes it such a powerful tool for everyone, across the board, no matter what your religion is or whether or not you “believe” in it or not. Brain scans and modern neuroscience is now able to confirm what ancient shamans knew thousands of years ago.

As the sound carries us into deep theta – the brainwave state associated with meditation – systemic stress is reduced in the body, upregulating the immune system and activating our Inner Healer. As we visualize and actively engage in the process we begin to manifest our desires in 3D reality.

Creativity is boosted, intuition is boosted, problem solving abilities are boosted and a state of calm coherence is restored, giving you strength, resilience and inner clarity.



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